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Key Features
  • Network and Mainframe Connectivity

  • Data compatibility and Legacy print

  • Duplex/Simplex - Mixplex printing
  • Print Security

  • Device Setup
Other Products

American Printware is pleased to announce
the launch of a NEW Service called

Dr. Print

Your Urgent Care provider for Print Problems

Let us help you triage your print issues.

Network and mainframe Connectivity - our team can determine everything needed to insure that print successfully reaches your device and prints successfully.

Data compatibility/Legacy print - Our knowledge of legacy print languages lets us analyze your data and determine what transforms or tools would be needed to move that data from its existing device onto something more modern.

Duplex/Simplex – Mixplex printing - A lot of modern printers cannot handle jobs that switch how they print in midstream. With tools available to us we can make sure that any job you have prints correctly.

Printer Security - One of the largest issues today is the ability for outside influences to access your network through your print devices. We have tools and knowledge that allow us to analyze your printers and close holes that might otherwise be exploited.

Device Setup - As print devices become more and more complex the number of options available can be overwhelming. We can help you and walk you through the maze of options so that your device is configured the way you want it.

And many others...

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