Key Features

RXforPrint is advanced user-centric print assessment and print tracking tool for managed print


RXforPrint provides comprehensive print analysis reports showing print activity by users, printers and departments


RXforPrint tracks print costs by account, by user or by printer

It allows you to quickly spot high cost areas and take corrective action

RXforPrint monitors the progress of jobs and health of printers

It sends alerts when things go wrong
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RXforPrint is a valuable tool which tracks print jobs. We use this data to control the cost of printing and to chargeback print costs.

Bill Trainor, State of Virginia

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Are You Often Asked These Questions:

Do you know all printers on the network? Who uses them?

Do you know how much it costs to print and who does the printing?

RXforPrint™ can answer such questions and help you track usage by providing clear and versatile print assessment reports.

Key Features

  • Tracks print by user, by device, by department, by time, and by cost

  • Periodically uploads print activity data to a cloud based repository

  • Provides print accounting for charge-back, by print job, by user

  • Creates print audit trail to support document security and compliance

  • Provides reporting to make print assessment easy to implement

  • Allows you to easily assign and control costs by printer

Print Activity Data to a Cloud...

You can now monitor what your customers are printing without ever leaving your desk. Upload print activity data to a cloud and use it later any time you want:


Key Benefits

  • Key user-centric print assessment tool to support Managed Print Services

  • Provides a way to manage your customers' print fleet remotely

  • Reduces the cost of printing, often by thousands of dollars/month

  • Supports "green" culture

  • Facilitates user behavior modification by making users aware of their printing costs

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