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Line Printer Conversion Solution

Line Printer Generation
APWI’s HostServe provides the capability to convert standard inputs to Line Printer Data. Line Printer Generation is required when the information from a binary document is needed for further processing. Some repurposing and content management systems require line printer data input.

HostServe can take in any binary document (PCL, PostScript, PDF, AFP, DJDE, and XES) and convert it to standard line printer data. To do this it uses the positional commands used to place the data to determine the line on which that particular piece of text should be placed.

The two primary reasons for doing this are:

  • Some content management systems require line printer data for their database engines.
  • If you wish to repurpose the documents using different fonts or forms most repurposing engines such as the HostServe Builder module require that the data be in a text format so that it can easily locate and reposition the data.

Keep in mind, due to the fact that this is line printer output, it will not contain any graphical data.

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