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American Printware launches RXforPrint™

July 2, 2012 – American Printware, Inc. is pleased to announce our new product RXforPrint, user-centric print assessment software. RXforPrint is available for a 30-day free trial.

RXforPrint facilitates the implementation of Managed Print Services in medium and large organizations. It helps reduce printing costs by tracking print activity and motivating the users to change their behavior.

Print Assessment

RXforPrint is the ideal product to help organizations assess the current print environment:

  • Which printers are used most heavily by a department

  • Which users have the greatest print activity

  • Which users or departments rely most heavily on any one given printer

  • Provides reporting to make print assessments easy to implement

  • Supports "green" culture and initiatives

Our goal is to reduce the cost of printing for our customers by making users and the management aware of the costs involved.

We invite you to try RXforPrint for 30 day no obligation free trial. To obtain a copy of our product please follow this link.

About American Printware, Inc.
American Printware (APWI) offers a complete line of products that address every aspect of the print environment. Our goal is to be an industry leader and improve the way IT professionals manage, print, and retrieve all their documents. We are committed to producing quality-focused products combined with the best customer support.

For more information regarding APWI products, contact us at (949) 488-2222 or email us at sales@apwi.com

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