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HostServe Product Overview


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Introducing HostServe
American Printware’s HostServe is a Windows based document delivery and interconnectivity system capable of transforming legacy data streams (SNA Character String, LCDS DJDE/Metacode, XES, AFP, IPDS, Xerox VIPP™, Line Printer, PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DOC, RTF, HTML, EMF) into an array of modern output formats (PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, HTML, XML, ASCII or Database) and offers the user great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information. Users can view, edit/repurpose, index, sort, print, and archive documents—regardless of origination—anywhere, at any time using a wide variety of printers, viewers, archival, content management or document management systems.

APWI HostServe flexibility allows the user to meet their needs quickly and efficiently. Whether you have gigabytes of host-stored information that requires rapid distribution to hundreds of branch offices, many different customers, in several formats, across thousands of miles, or require a solution that supports printing host documents to centralized printers, or need to automate Web distribution of documents, HostServe meets your needs.

HostServe Operating Environment:
HostServe operates on Windows XP and above and it presents a printer, document or data base interface to the application program. It accepts the incoming documents, processes the data (adding resources where applicable, reformatting and sorting documents as it goes), and directs the output to the designated output device.

HostServe connects data sources to data sinks:
HostServe supports SNA, RJE/NJE, Serial, Disk Transfer or TCP/IP connection to your mainframe, AS/400, UNIX host, or network. The physical connection can be BUS/TAG input or output, ESCON, Ethernet, SCSI or IDE, Twinax, Token Ring, FTP Client or Serial. The type of connection used depends entirely on your needs. HostServe’s integrated communication solutions allow tremendous flexibility even supporting multiple communication protocols in a single installation. This allows drop-in solution to your document translation and reformatting needs.

Anything in and anything out!
HostServe accepts a wide variety of PDLs as input data. It translates, cleans, separates, combines, enhances appearance, indexes (when appropriate) data, and delivers the information. Supported output data types are shown in the following table.

HostServe™ is universally beneficial for all mainframe and network environments because it combines document creation, integrated connectivity, printer emulations, print queue management, intelligent printer drivers, and PDF indexing tools. It becomes a drop-in solution to the enterprise’s document translation and reformatting need.

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